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You do not have to be a financial expert to help.

Volunteers are core to our work at Women’s Money Matters. Our participants know that our coaches and presenters are not showing up to support them because they are being paid to do so – they are doing it because they genuinely care.

Our fully-remote programs offer a range of volunteer opportunities and ways to help out from anywhere you are. We also have some limited in-person volunteering opportunities!

All you need is the desire to help another woman in your community make the most of the money she has.

We believe diversity in identity and perspective enriches our programs and helps us better serve our clients. We strongly encourage people of color, LGBTQ-identifying individuals, people with disabilities, and other underrepresented groups to apply to become a coach.

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Ways to Get Involved


Coaches are the backbone of our one-on-one coaching model. Coaches are thoughtfully paired with a program participant for the duration of the program. They work directly with their partner to help them reach their specific financial goals.

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Presenters facilitate specific workshops as part of the program’s curriculum. For each workshop, we have already developed the lesson plan and materials, presenters are there to lead the lesson and conversation. You select the workshop topic that you feel most passionate about! Presenters can facilitate as many or as few workshops as they would like and are available, so this is a great way for individuals to volunteer who cannot commit to being a coach.

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Program Leads

Program leaders support the implementation and coordination of our programs (e.g., workshops and coaching). They oversee weekly workshops on Zoom, monitor coach and participant relationships providing guidance and resources as needed.  Other tasks include regular email correspondence (an official email address provided) and completion of workshop summaries. This is a stipend position. 

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Technical Leads

Technical Leads attend weekly workshops and provide support to clients and coaches during Zoom meetings. Must be able to assist with access issues, manage breakout sessions and chat, record, annotate, and manage other technical components of Zoom calls. This is a stipend position. 

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Our Volunteers

Many of our financial wellness programs are virtual so you can sign up to help create more secure financial futures for the women in our programs from anywhere. Our programs take place in the eastern time zone but our volunteers currently span the entire country, and even across the globe!

Volunteer Frequently Asked Questions

How to Get Involved

What is the time commitment each week for each role?

Volunteer Coach: 

~2.5 hours per week for the duration of the program (~3-4 months). Each week will include 1 hr of 1:1 time (or more if you choose), and a 1.5 hour WMM workshop. 

Volunteer Presenter: 

~3-4 hours per workshop: 1.5-2.5 hours to prepare for the workshop and 2 hours on presentation day. Once you have presented a workshop, the preparation time will be less if you present again in the future!

Program Lead: 

2.5-3.5 hours per week for the duration of the program (~3-4 months). Each week will entail a 1.5 hour WWM workshop in which you will log in 30min in advance to meet with the presenter and prep for the workshop (2 hours total).  Additional time will be used to send reminders, check in with your coaches, and field any questions or concerns from your group.

Technical Lead: 

1 hour and 45 minutes each week for the duration of the program (~3-4 months). Each week will entail 1.5 hour for the virtual workshop and logging in 15 minutes early to review logistics with the Program Leader and Presenter.

I am not available during normal working hours. Would this prevent me from being able to volunteer as a coach?

Not at all! The majority of our programs take place in the evening, though some are offered during the day. The coach and participant paired together decide the best time to meet between workshops that will work for both of their schedules.

What if I need to miss one or more workshop sessions?

We understand that an unavoidable conflict may come up, people get sick, etc. The success of the program relies on a commitment from both the coach and their partner to attend as many workshops and one-on-one sessions as possible.  If it is something you know about in advance, be sure to let the Program Leader know so they will ensure that your participant has support during the breakout session/workshop. Also let your partner know that you will not be there and encourage them to attend in your absence so they do not miss the week’s lesson.  If you know in advance that you will be missing multiple workshops, our Volunteer Manager can help you find a program that will better fit your schedule.

Can I coach multiple participants at once?

Coaches can only coach one participant per Women’s Money Matters program. We pride ourselves in the meaningful one-on-one relationships that are built between coaches and participants, which have proven most successful in supporting participants in meeting their financial goals. Special circumstances where experienced coaches want to volunteer for multiple programs (e.g., if programs that may overlap shortly or meet at different times) will be considered on a case-by-case basis by program leadership.

Are volunteer positions (e.g., coaches, presenters, program leads, tech leads) compensated or provided stipends?

Program leaders and tech supports receive stipends at the end of the program. Coaches and presenters are volunteers who give their time to women in our programs.

Volunteer Qualifications

What qualifies a person to be a coach?

The women in our financial health programs need a different type of financial coach. Our participants come from a diverse set of backgrounds and, unfortunately, many have experienced some form of trauma in their lives. For these reasons, while our participants come to us to get support in meeting their financial goals, they really need someone who can take the time to understand their full life picture in a non-judgmental and compassionate way. Someone who cares about the participant holistically. Someone who is in their corner and wants to empower them and build their confidence to succeed, both personally and financially.

Do any workshops require a financial background to be a presenter?

Although a financial background is not necessary to be a presenter, some workshop topics such as Building Credit, Repairing Credit, and Fighting Fraud require a level of expertise on the topic and knowledge of current trends in order to feel comfortable responding to questions during the presentation. These workshops are often led by volunteers directly from financial institutions.

Do I need to be a woman to volunteer?

Coaches, program leaders, and tech support are required to be women (cis and trans women) or a non-binary person who is comfortable in a space that centers around the experiences of women. 

Anyone, regardless of gender, is welcome to be a presenter as long as they are comfortable working in a women-centered space.

What technology do I need to have to participate in virtual programs?

You can join from any device anywhere as long as you have the internet access to connect to Zoom, we just ask that you have your camera on when possible to build a rapport with the group. It is preferred that the Tech Support role connect with a computer that supports full zoom functionality.

Why do I have to fill out a CORI (i.e., background check) and sign a confidentiality agreement?

Throughout the program, participants may be disclosing personal financial information with their partner via screen sharing or in person (example: credit reports, bank statements, online accounts). In addition to the our Life Launch program which may include participants under the age of 18, many of our participants are parents/caregivers of children, and it is entirely possible to encounter them throughout the program, especially during virtual programming and in-person one-on-one in meetings.  We want to maintain trust with our participants and collaborating organizations by ensuring our volunteers are fully vetted. 

Volunteer Training

What materials and resources will I receive and how will they be delivered?

At this time, materials (google slides for weekly workshops, zoom links, activities, etc.) are shared via google drive. This is expected to change with upcoming developments on our new website; regardless, materials will still be accessed electronically.

Is training required to be a volunteer?

All volunteers (coaches, presenters, program leads, technical leads) receive official training and orientations, as well as all needed materials and resources to adequately fulfill their role. A Coach Exchange (zoom event) is offered each month for new and experienced coaches to come together and share ideas, experiences, and support each other through any challenges they may be facing.

Do presenters develop the workshops?

No, we already have a curriculum that was developed over many years in a really interactive way with many partners, participants and presenters providing input. Presenters are provided with materials and a lesson plan but are encouraged to augment the presentation with their own knowledge and flair while being sensitive to the audience to which they will be presenting.

Program-Related Questions

How am I assigned to a program? Can I choose which program I volunteer for?

As new programs are announced, volunteers will be notified (via email/newsletter) and will have the opportunity to review options and select which program they would prefer to enroll in based upon their personal schedule and availability.

How do you match your participants to coaches?

Participants and coaches are matched by the Volunteer Manager and Program Leader based on answers provided on the intake application/survey submitted by both participants and coaches, as well as information shared during the Introduction workshops.  We encourage Coaches to let us know of any skills, abilities, or experiences that they feel would be helpful in the matching process.

What determines if a program will run longer? Would I know before signing up?

Program schedules are set before we start the process of recruiting coaches.  Although very rare, if an adjustment needs to be made to an existing schedule after the start of the program, all participants will be notified in advance.

Will programs be returning to in-person?

We have begun in-person programs again for collaborator organizations who request it. If you would like to volunteer in-person ask about the locations of our in-person programs. We will continue to offer a lot of virtual opportunities too!

Interested in learning more?

We look forward to hearing from you!

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