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 99% of the women we serve are in MA and NH but we will not turn away any woman who is struggling financially and contacts us in need of our support. We’re excited our virtual Collective programs allow us to welcome women from other geographical regions who are facing similar financial challenges.

Our Impact

Our programs results in meaningful and positive financial outcomes for our participants.

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Our Coach and Participant Stories

I volunteer at Women's Money Matters to help other women feel confident about financial matters. I have coached 6 times since beginning to volunteer here. One of my most impactful experiences with the program was when I coached a woman who didn't have any money left over at the end of the month and had to find as much change as possible around the house to buy her child diapers. We worked on thinking ahead and not making impulse purchases and she called me at the end of the next month so excited that she had money to buy diapers and didn't have to go scrounging for change.

NicoleVolunteer Coach, Shares Her Experiences With Our Program.

I wanted to coach with Women's Money Matters to make a difference in a young woman's life! When I coached, my mentee didn't want to do one of the workshop projects and after two weeks of talking about it, she made a beautiful project that helped her see she can do anything!


I want to help women understand money, and to talk with other women about money. It was so wonderful to see my participant set a goal and achieve it in such a short timeframe!


I've learned as much from the women I've been partnered with as they have learned from the program I think! I have been inspired by their commitment to family, their faith, and their ambitions!


I like being able able to give back to women in my local community in a way that's accessible to me as well. It gives me a greater perspective of others' and I can take that experience to share with my networks.
My first time coaching I was paired with a young women right around my same age. She was smart and capable, but had been dealt some bad hands in life. It was humbling to see the situation she was in without having a life much different than my own.
My second experience as coach extended beyond the Women's Money Matters program, when my participant came to me months later to figure out her student loans. I was proud to be a resource she turned to for this, and together we talked about how some of the tools we had learned in the program could be applied to her current situation.


In Their Words

"I'm a single mother. What I saw in Women's Money Matters was a way to empower women to be financially independent. You don't need an unreliable boyfriend. You don't need a husband if that doesn't happen for you. You can do it on your own."

LauraProgram Leader

"Before I started the topic, 'financial literacy' brought me feelings of anxiety."


"Our staff values Women's Money Matters because we recognize how fundamentally important financially literacy is. It's the springboard for anything our residents want to do in their lives. It's great to have hopes and dreams, but that financial foundation is how they're going to get there."

SusanaYWCA Northeastern MA

This program is so very informative, I didn't know half this stuff! Now I am helping my sister learn good saving and spending habits to help her pay down her debts.