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Financial Inequalities

COVID's Impact on Women

Covid caused a “she-session” with many women losing income as female workforce participation has dropped to 57%, the lowest since 1988. Over 5.4 million women left or lost jobs since the pandemic started, and women living on the economic margins continue to suffer the greatest economic losses.

Women’s Money Matters is working to meet this increased demand, expanding our virtual financial group-based money-management workshops and one-to-one individualized coaching to provide more women with the financial resiliency, peer connection and emotional support needed during this time of deep financial need and uncertainty.

Why Women?

1 in 7 women in the US live in poverty
The financial literacy gap between men and women in the US is about 59% wider than the rest of the world
33% single mother households in Massachusetts live in poverty

Our Role

While social-service agencies increasingly recognize that low-income households have a greater chance of breaking the cycle of poverty when they know how to manage their money effectively, few agencies have the resources to provide financial education to those who need it. Women’s Money Matters was created to fill this gap.

In Their Words

"I have had credit card debt for many years. My coach, Natasha, showed me how to pay it off. I'm working slowly to get out of debt, my credit score has gone up 7 points since I started this process. I feel much more confident that I can pay off my debt, because of her encouragement."


"The impact for me was all the information about starting to save for my child's education in the future, it was really helpful. "


"Mi mayor ensito durante este programa fue sacar mi tarjeta de credito y ahora saver como usarla y como saver hacer mi credito las pocas veces q estuve aprendi mucho y yo estoy super agradecida con su programa muchisimas gracias a todos que fueron muy bueno."


I learned to have more faith in myself and know I can do anything I set my mind to.