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Statement on the Overturning of Roe v. Wade

The Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v.  Wade and end federal protections for access to abortion affects every aspect of women’s equality including financial equality, especially since women living on low-incomes will bear the brunt of this ruling. Women’s Money Matters is committed to creating a future where all women are financially empowered, allowing women to choose the timing, size, and circumstances of their families. This decision is a threat to a woman’s right to determine their family’s future, their own medical care, and their financial stability and security.

We cannot overlook the direct impact this will have on communities already suffering from a lack of government support for childcare, healthcare housing and food security: women living on low incomes, mothers, and minorities. Women who live on low incomes do not have paid time off or means to travel to another state for these procedures. 

Women’s Money Matters will continue to help all women living on low incomes who seek financial assistance. While Massachusetts is currently a state with legal access to abortions, millions of women who can no longer choose to terminate a pregnancy are at risk and lack the means to get the care they deserve. We look forward to advocating for the rights of women and ensuring that all women have the opportunity to succeed without limitations.