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Expanding Access: Women’s Money Matters Enhances Financial Wellness Support for Low-Income Women

Women’s Money Matters Announces Expanded Access to Customized Financial Wellness Workshops and Personalized Coaching for Women Living on Low Incomes

The organization is announcing robust strategic priorities aimed at advocating for women to address financial inequalities and providing direct support to bridge financial gaps.

BOSTON – Women’s Money Matters, which has operated as Budget Buddies, is announcing a significant expansion to its work supporting women living on low incomes on their financial wellness journey. Increasing access to virtual and in-person financial wellness workshops and personalized one-to-one coaching will allow the organization to elevate the voices of the women who take part in these programs and ensure that all who need access to financial wellness programs, peer support and one-to-one coaching will have access to it. The organization will also increase its advocacy work to empower women to build more resilient futures with financial security.

“Our mission is to empower women and to build up the women who participate in our programs and support their efforts to build their financial wellness, confidence and financial security,” said Danielle Piskadlo, Executive Director for Women’s Money Matters. “By expanding our strategic goals, brand identity and programming to fully encompass and represent what we do for women, we can focus on awareness-raising and advocacy efforts elevating the voices of our clients.”

Formed in 2010 as Budget Buddies, Women’s Money Matters assists women on their financial wellness journey, providing robust programming, one-on-one mentoring, and access to financial resources. The organization works with women, all living on low incomes and from underrepresented communities.

Women’s Money Matters operates financial wellness programs tailored to meet women where they’re at in their financial journey. The programs are guided by volunteer presenters and coaches, and workshops cover budgeting strategies, managing credit, keeping money safe, saving for larger expenses, and protecting against fraud. Each volunteer coach works solely with one participant every week to support her unique life goals and any money-management challenges.

Women’s Money Matters is also excited to provide direct financial relief to participants to help cover unexpected emergency expenses, like a broken car part or rental support. Recently Women’s Money Matters has partnered with organizations to provide this relief and to bridge gaps in budgets that can cause women to fall into debt.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the organization was able to expand into virtual programming, reaching participants directly and working with new partners. This allowed for the opportunity to assess the strategic brand and mission of the organization, and to push forward with advocacy efforts aimed at addressing why women need to utilize these programs.

“When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, the impact on women was severe and we quickly made adjustments to reach women directly when they needed us most and provide them with some direct financial relief,” Piskadlo explained. “We also recognize the importance of building financial resilience for women, which means addressing the financial inequalities that women face.”


Through Women’s Money Matters mentorship and resources, participants have the opportunity to improve their financial health to create a more secure future for themselves, their families and their communities.


“We don’t just build budgets, we build community. We build confidence. We empower women to build more resilient futures with financial security,” Piskadlo said.