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Women’s Money Matters Recognized in the 2024 Money Inclusion and Awareness Awards

Women’s Money Matters Recognized in the 2024 Money Inclusion and Awareness Awards


Women’s Money Matters is proud to announce its recognition in two categories in the 2024  Money Inclusion and Awareness Awards (MAIA) – runner up in the Closing the Gender Gap and Best Project for Under-Served Communities categories. Amongst 200 entries spanning 35 countries, Women’s Money Matters stood out, earning a place among the top 15 runners-up selected by an esteemed international panel of expert judges.


The co-founder of the Money Inclusion and Awareness Awards, Michael Gilmore, expressed his gratitude, stating, “With a record number of entries from 35 different countries this year, it’s clear how important learning about money is becoming to everybody in all corners of the planet.Poor financial literacy is a truly global problem, and we are finding answers all over the world.”


Women’s Money Matters is dedicated to empowering women by providing resources and education to enhance financial literacy and independence. This recognition at MAIA underscores the organization’s commitment to bridging the gender gap in financial knowledge and access. Women’s Money Matters remains steadfast in its mission to foster financial inclusion and empower women to achieve their financial goals.


About Women’s Money Matters:

Women’s Money Matters builds the financial wellness, confidence, and security of women living on low incomes through a unique program that combines instructional workshops and personal, one-to-one coaching. For more information about Women’s Money Matters and its programs, please visit


About the Money Awareness and Inclusion Awards:

The Money Inclusion and Awareness Awards (MAIA), headquartered in Singapore, were established out of a growing concern regarding the widespread lack of financial education among adults and children worldwide. The awards seek to raise awareness about the significant problems stemming from poor financial literacy while highlighting effective solutions available globally. Judged by a distinguished panel comprising leading academics, NGOs, journalists, influencers, and asset managers, the MAIA Awards aim to elevate recognition of initiatives addressing financial literacy challenges on a global scale.