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Women’s Money Matters and Second Chance Cars Partner to Provide the Gift of Mobility

Women’s Money Matters has announced its partnership with Second Chance Cars, a nonprofit organization committed to positively impacting the lives of individuals facing financial challenges and supporting women living on low incomes. Second Chance Cars provides participants with greater mobility through this collaboration by giving our participants and graduates reliable used cars. They help people get, keep, or grow their jobs through affordable car ownership.

In a society where transportation is often a barrier for those with limited financial resources, Women’s Money Matters (WMM) and Second Chance Cars (SCC) recognize the importance of reliable transportation in accessing better opportunities, employment, and education. Danielle Piskadlo, Executive Director of Women’s Money Matters, shares, “We’re so fortunate to have this partnership with Second Chance Cars. Addressing this important need for reliable transportation contributes greatly to our mission of breaking the cycle of poverty and empowering women to achieve financial independence.”

Dan Holin, Executive Director of Second Chance Cars, said, “In 2023, our car recipients increased their annual incomes by 88% on average–from $24,000 to $45,000! This impact is due to a real collaboration with our car donors. Being able to change the lives of women living on low incomes in our community is our goal. Thanks to our partnership with Women’s Money Matters, we can now improve the lives of women and their families. Having a car will help women get better jobs and earn a stable income!”

Since our partnership with SCC started in Sept 2023, Women’s Money Matters has had five women from our financial wellness programs be recipients of cars. The first car recipient, Sarah, had a few obstacles in her path. Sarah escaped an abusive relationship, taking her three children to find refuge at The Front Door Agency. As she joined their transformational housing program, she had a dream burning inside her: “I want to stand on my own, provide for my family, and be financially secure.” In October 2022, she eagerly attended Women’s Money Matters Financial Futures sessions at the YMCA.

Sarah moved into her own apartment after completing housing support, but without a reliable vehicle, she struggled with carpooling. When she asked for help, Women’s Money Matters sponsored her into the Second Chance Cars program.  While getting back on her feet, lack of access to childcare led to the loss of her job, and she took on a lower-paying barista job to maintain some income. As Sarah went through the application process to be granted a car from SCC, she completed micro-electronics job training and successfully landed a job that doubled her salary. However, transportation was still a challenge. After finishing the application process and waiting for the perfect car to be donated, it was finally go-time, and there was news that there was a vehicle ready. Receiving this vehicle improved Sarah and her family’s lives in different ways.

Similarly, our most recent recipient, Lola, is a Women’s Money Matters graduate who received her license at the beginning of 2023. As a single mom of three kids, Lola knew that having a reliable source of transportation would significantly impact her life.

After getting accepted by Second Chance Cars, Lola was able to get a Toyota RAV4 from a donor who no longer drives. She was extremely grateful as she got a new job promotion requiring a reliable car. Lola was so grateful to both Women’s Money Matters and Second Chance Cars and the Greater Lowell Technical School students for all their hard work repairing and maintaining the vehicle.

Having a reliable source of transportation is not only empowering but life-changing. At Women’s Money Matters, we want our participants and graduates to have great opportunities and stability. Cars help women get to work, save time in caring for children, give freedom, and help provide a stable income

If you, or someone you know, is looking to donate their car, please reach out to Second Chance Cars. Our participants and graduates come from all different walks of life. By providing the gift of mobility, we can collectively contribute to a brighter future for these women and the community at large.

About Women’s Money Matters:

Women’s Money Matters builds the financial wellness, confidence, and security of women living on low incomes through a unique program that combines instructional workshops and personal, one-to-one coaching. For more information about Women’s Money Matters and its programs, please visit

About Second Chance Cars:

Second Chance Cars’ mission is to mobilize low-income workforce members to better complete living wage jobs through affordable car ownership. For more information on Second Chance Cars and how to get involved, please visit